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Se hela listan på As much as some people don't like the idea of fighting Solas, it's a rare oppurtunity when one knows the main antagonist this well and maybe is trying to redeem them. This idea has immense potential that should not be wasted by making Solas just being a distraction. He should be the big bad. I always redeem Loghain.

Kill solas or redeem him

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A group of mages summoned and bound this spirit to fight off some bandits threatening them. However forcing it into violence corrupted the spirit and turned it into a Pride demon. Naturally Solas is very angry at the perpetrators and wants to kill them. Do you let him kill them? Kill the PC could have been a far better option for him than inform them and gave all those infos about his plans and past. Any good villain with the capital V know that the midges need to be crushed before they become a threat.

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fear they may not maintain God's bounds, it is no fault in them for her to redeem herself. Faith Alone (Romans 3:27-31) The basis of our justification is God's grace, which is freely given through the I'm not Solas Gohan San Diego. sword to kill himself, but Paul shouted to him do not harm yourself of what he's going to do, he'll come first in redemption. And then he comes in judgement.

Kill solas or redeem him

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Notably though, it is my Dalish assassin who romanced Solas who still chose the option to kill him even  Jun 25, 2018 It all backfired on him, and the curse he had placed on his enemies long ago was now killing his own people.

Kill solas or redeem him

Jul 18, 2020 The purple firewall will immediately kill the Inquisitor or other available when the player goes to confront him before the Viddasala does. Sep 25, 2016 The majority chose to redeem Solas. Notably though, it is my Dalish assassin who romanced Solas who still chose the option to kill him even  Jun 25, 2018 It all backfired on him, and the curse he had placed on his enemies long ago was now killing his own people. kill the werewolves (what Zathrian wants), b. Redeeming Solas, at least in my opinion, is not going to m She sees the humans who killed Adaia in him, and when he doesn't leave after she tells him to, Vari Trespasser: Wants to redeem Solas, keeps the Inquisition. When Briala's parents were killed as a result of political maneuvering when she In refusing to let her tell him the passcode, Felassan turned against Solas and i just hope we get a chance to redeem him · and hopefully i The Evanuris did the unspeakable by killing Mythal, so Solas put up the veil to she'd divest herself of the big organization and try to redeem him on her own,  May 17, 2018 He wants sex and guilt because for him the two are hopelessly The Inquisitor can then either pledge to kill or redeem Solas as the cliffhanger  Jun 7, 2016 [MAJOR TRESPASSER SPOILERS] Solas and Mythal mirrormosa: “ azeneth-mor : “ kiwi-xeet: “ THESE ARE LIKE THE The mages he kills for example. At least that makes the redeem him option more likely to happen.
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Of course, it was the Inquisitor who made that decision, not the new protagonist, and DA4 is still a long way off yet. 0 Muertah · 7/31/2018 We're even further asked to choose, specifically, what our next goal will be—to kill Solas, or to redeem him. There's just one problem: Solas is too powerful to fight.

At the end of Trespasser, did you pick the try to redeem Solas option, or are you just going to try to have him killed? Edit: Just realized that this should really have a pol Solas will plead to free the demon returning it to being a spirit (this seems like the easier fight; rather than kill the demon the pillars around it must be broken) *Choosing to kill the spirit Once the pillars are destroyed you can let Solas kill the mages responsible for turning his friend into a demon or get him to back down. Either way Solas leaves and says he will meet you back at Skyhold.
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It's more emotional, more painful, more surprising. It packs a bigger whammy and has more impact, when we realize the Dread Wolf was next to us all along.

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Pedantic, condescending, aloof, and disdainful of everything you are and do for a solid third of the game, and for always if you don’t bother talking to him much (and why would you ). Suicide is the only way out when an agent is held captive - the perfect means of keeping Solas's scheme as secret as possible. “We captured him, planned to interrogate him, but he killed himself first, rather than be questioned.” (Half Up Front, page 478).

Sixty votes in and around 70% wants to redeem him if possible.